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Setting the scene at the Miele Showroom


Miele has been a brand partner of Balance by Deborah Hutton since the community started, and for Deborah to actually bring in the Miele brand in her Renovation Rookie journey as she creates her dream home and have a Miele kitchen is something she has always dreamt about.  In this video, an incredibly excited Deborah  sits down with Emily at the Miele Experience Centre to start the process.

Deborah recently purchased her  “dream home” and has started a massive renovation, which includes recreating the whole living area on the first floor and incorporating her dream kitchen.

The dream kitchen

Having chosen a two storey house facing the sea, Deborah plans to have the dining area and a rather large kitchen in the first floor to make the most out of the spectacular view.

Deborah Hutton, Renovation Rookie, Deb's Dream Kitchen, Miele Australia, Bronte beach view

The Bronte Beach view

“The way I’ve designed the kitchen is that when I’m standing behind the bench, I’m looking down the view. The view is the most important thing, and I think, ‘Where do you spend most of your time, you spend all your time in the kitchen!'”

Deborah Hutton, Renovation Rookie, Miele Australia, Deb's Dream kitchen

An example of a living room layout Deb would like to create in her house

The kitchen is fairly generous in size and runs along the external wall. The living room area faces north-east welcoming ‘a massive amount’ of light pouring into the kitchen and the north-eastern side of the house. What Deborah really wants to achieve but doesn’t know how to, is a Hamptons beach style house and kitchen:

Deborah Hutton, Renovation Rookie, Deb's Dream Kitchen

Examples of what Deb says are kitchen essentials: Cabinets and ribbed glass

Deborah Hutton, Renovation Rookie, Deb's Dream Kitchen

Where are the appliances going to go?

“What I might have a problem with is having wall appliances… or I might have them below the bench, which I hadn’t thought about.”

From an ergonomic position, Emily says a lot of people go for ovens and appliances in the wall, but as Deborah is obviously willing to make the most out of the view she has, it only follows to put the appliances on the bench. But is it something Deborah has to think about as she gets older?

“With Miele we’ve got a lot of great accessories and convenient features – things like telescopic runners, which can extend your cooking choice to you, so it means you’re not having to bend down as much, you’re not having to reach inside your oven, and it makes carrying your beautiful roast chicken to the bench a lot easier.”

Check out the Miele HFC 72 FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

Miele Australia, Miele appliances, Deb's Dream kitchen, FlexiClip fully telescopic runners, Renovation Rookie

Looking at the designs she has on hand, and having an external wall, Deborah is considering having a single wall of appliances, but now that she’s bringing windows into it, she worries about the feasibility of that idea. Where will she put the dishwashers, the ovens? What about getting a steam oven? Can she put them all in? How affordable is the project?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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