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A behind-the-scenes tour of the Freedom Kitchens manufacturing factory


If you’ve been following my renovation journey, you’ll know how much I’ve been dreaming of my new kitchen. I’ve always said the kitchen is the hub of my home, the most important room. I’m passionate about cooking and love entertaining with friends, so the list for my dream kitchen was long and detailed. My wonderful kitchen design consultant Sue, from Freedom Kitchens, was invaluable in the design and personalisation stage. Her attention to every detail was meticulous, and we problem-solved every aspect to achieve my final layout.

I’ve learned about the Freedom Kitchens design process and how it gets from page to 3D imaging, but recently I got to go behind the scenes to see what’s involved in the manufacturing stage.

Take a look at my video tour of the Freedom Kitchens manufacturing factory on the NSW central coast.

It was amazing to see how much automated technology is involved in the manufacturing process. Now I understand why the quality standards of Freedom Kitchens are so high, the precision and detail that goes into the process is incredible. It was a bit sci-fi watching Hal the robot, the first of several robots being commissioned as part of the manufacturing process.

In my visit to the CAD department, I got to see the drawings of my kitchen beside the 3D images, as parts of the CAD design process were explained to me. Don’t forget that every Freedom Kitchens client can view their plans and images, and communicate to the designer via the My Kitchen Portal tab on the Freedom Kitchens homepage.

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