Vanessa Walker explains: What is Houzz?


In this interview, Deborah talks to Vanessa Walker, the editor of Houzz Australia and New Zealand. Vanessa describes Houzz as like a one-stop-shop for all home renovation and design ideas. It is available both as a website and an app for phones and tablets.

Houzz features an image library containing approximately 15 million images. This library can be keyword-searched for architectural styles, interior décor styles, room types and so on.

You can save your chosen images to an Ideabook, which is much like a mood board collection. You can then share your Ideabook with anyone you choose, for example, your architect. When you click on an image, it will bring up beside it, all of the data available about that image. Details like:

• the professional or company responsible for the design
• what products are featured
• room colours/ paint brands used
• price tags for certain items in the image
• related photos

The editorial side of Houzz is just as comprehensive as the image library. They produce stories covering everything from architecture, interior design, landscaping, sustainability and so much more. These stories are sent to Houzz subscribers weekly.

There is an Advice feature where the huge community of members, nicknamed “Houzzers”, can seek advice, participate in discussions or talk to professionals who are on the site. There are an incredible 1.5 million “Houzzers” in Australia.


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