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Three weeks to go! Preparing for demolition


After a busy day away from anything to do with renovation, I’ve returned to a hundred emails and the realisation that it is only three weeks until my partial demolition begins. Watch my video blog below for today’s update.

The existing house has a lot of great fixtures like louvres and French windows that are in perfectly good condition. Too good to send to the tip, so I’m selling what I can. Even with my PA helping me figure out what we can salvage for re-use or to sell, it is taking a massive amount of time to sort through. It seems I get home every day lately and a piece of furniture has disappeared. If I’m not going to re-use it, it’s being sold. Ultimately, removing and recycling what I can, will reduce my demolition cost.

With ‘operation salvage’ going on in the background, I’m also finalising last details with the architect. It sends me into a bit of a second-guessing panic, so tonight I’ll be double checking dimensions and using masking tape to outline placement of things like new walls, doorways and windows.

One (of many) great tips I learned from Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect was to make sure all changes happen while my plan is still on paper. Any changes once construction has started will cost more and cause a delay to the schedule.

These next few weeks are my last chance to check everything will work the way I’ve planned. Not getting a lot of sleep right now – so much running through my mind and excitement is building!

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