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I received a phone call the other day from a builder who wanted to know how we at Build in Common were disrupting the construction industry. Which got me thinking. What exactly is ‘disrupting’ and what role is Build in Common playing in Australia to change the landscape of the building industry? We often hear and see the word disrupt being used, but not always is it truly the case. Disrupt by definition is to “radically change (an industry, business etc) by introducing a new product or service that creates a new market”.

As mentioned in our previous Blog, a recent report by Ernst & Young shows that by 2028 about 75% of worldwide purchases will be controlled by females AND approximately 1/3 of businesses worldwide will be owned by females! Looking at future business and purchasing landscapes, females are without a doubt a valued consumer client base that at present is drastically being missed (and at times outright ignored), by the construction industry.

So, how is Build In Common disrupting the building industry? We are addressing the notion of the Invisible Woman within the building industry and are actively enabling change. With most purchasing and decision making being made or at the very least heavily influenced by females, no longer are the days of the Invisible Woman acceptable.

  • We are an Australian first in empowering females to be informed, confident consumers which in turn will increase their active involvement and purchasing activities in the building, construction and property industries.
  • We are providing information and guidance that is written for women by women, because we firmly believe that any woman can build, renovate or develop property.
  • We are instilling 2 words that don’t necessarily go hand in hand with the industry or let’s be honest, is not something the industry is particularly well known for – Customer Service! By providing women with the right questions to ask of the right people at the right time, we are raising the bar to ensure females are an active, informed and confident consumer and receive the best service from the beginning, during and post the build.

An informed, confident consumers is a win-win for all parties involved in the construction phase.  It calibrates expectations, provides for smoother processes, increases efficiency, allows possible cost savings and most importantly, makes the entire project more enjoyable for all involved. All this will lead to females participating more frequently in future projects.

So, to answer the question as to what role Build In Common is playing in disrupting the industry in Australia?  It is quite obvious to us that YES, we are radically changing an industry by introducing a new product/service that creates a new market. We are excited to lead the way and be the change!

Justine Teggelove & Pia Turcinov
Co-founders of Build in Common

Whether you are thinking about building or renovating, or have already started a conversation with builder, Build in Common Toolkits are designed as your go-to guides. They will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to ask the right questions, to the right person at the right time in the build cycle. Check out the Build in Common Toolkits today!


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We believe that any woman can renovate, build or develop property; be it a renovation, extension, new-build, sub-division or a commercial development. Join us!

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