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5 reasons to use ceiling fans in your home


Australians know that during our hot summers, ceiling fans are an absolute necessity. Creating a breeze and circulating cooler air throughout the house can be a challenge every summer.

Today’s ceiling fans are more efficient, with improvements in technology, motors, controls and design bringing savings on those rising power bills. Advanced, adaptive technology such as SenseME by Big Ass Fans have built-in motion sensors that save energy by turning the fans and lights on automatically when you enter the room and off when you leave. Their Haiku home fan range allow you to personalise and automate your fan and light settings so that you can stay comfortable and save energy.

Ceiling Fans Save Money and Energy

Ceiling fans are really economical to use. Ceiling fans use around the same amount of power as a 60-watt globe, which is MUCH cheaper than an air conditioner, which uses an average of 2000 watts. Save money and energy by using a ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner. Simply by lowering the power of an aircon and using a ceiling fan, could save up to 40% on the power bill.

Using a ceiling fan reduces your carbon footprint

Did you know the refrigerants in air conditioning systems are toxic and produce greenhouse gases? Do your part to protect the environment by using a ceiling fan more than your air-conditioner, which will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Ceiling Fans provide a constant breeze

With air conditioning, sometimes it’s hard to control the precise temperature and air dispersion throughout a home (the exception being a ducted system). One room may be the perfect temperature but another too cold. Walk into another part of the house, and the cool air just hasn’t reached it. Ceiling fans create a steady breeze throughout a home, which as stated earlier, paired with an air conditioning unit, can distribute cool air steadily throughout a home. While a ceiling fan doesn’t reduce the actual temperature of a room, it can still make the room feel 4-5 degrees cooler simply by moving the air to create a breeze.

Ceiling fans can also keep you warm

How can a ceiling fan can both keep a room both cool and warm? Simple, reverse the rotation. Many new fans come with a remote control that allows the user to change the fan’s direction with the press of a button. They can push the warm air that collects near the ceiling downwards, spreading the warm air throughout the room. Again, used in conjunction with a reverse cycle air conditioner, you can save power even in winter.

Ceiling fans can look great

Refinements in blade design and weight now mean a ceiling fan is a feature instead of an eyesore. Ceiling fans have become a very stylish element of a room’s décor.
Ceiling Fans with timber blades are super quiet, which is perfect for a bedroom. You will only feel a soft breeze and hear nothing but blissful silence.

Deb installed a White Haiku L Series fan in her lounge and bedroom room.

big arse fans

Check out these gorgeous ceiling fans. All photos are sourced from Houzz.


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