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3 affordable appliances that will add a little luxury to your kitchen


A kitchen appliance is definitely an investment, so it’s important to do some research on the products that will offer you the best in longevity, quality and functionality without sacrificing your kitchen design. With all of this in mind, too often than not it is our budgets that ultimately end up being the deciding factor and that’s why I am so intrigued by Miele’s range of kitchen products that easily add a little bit of luxury to any kitchen. With all products tested to the equivalent of 20 years use and a brand focus on state of the art technology, there is definitely more to Miele’s appliance range than just a timeless design. Here are my top 3 picks!

1. A wine fridge that doesn’t break the budget

We can’t deny that a wine fridge adds a little piece of luxury to your newly renovated kitchen, but too often than not they often come with an equally extravagant price tag. However, Miele’s range of under counter wine refrigerators starting at $3,999AUD make it an affordable option. Very tempting to have chilled wine at your fingertips!

Wine Fridge


2. Customise your refrigerator

Create a refrigerated storage space that doesn’t sacrifice the design of your kitchen and is tailored to suit your lifestyle perfectly by incorporating an inbuilt fridge system. Miele’s range of refrigerated storage alternatives are excellent in terms of their scope, quality, premium design and are renowned for being extremely versatile truly making this a worthy, long lasting and stylish investment to grow with your family. Find out more here.  Personally I love an integrated look as it provides a seamless look to an open kitchen and will work perfectly for the design I’m working on.


3. A quality coffee machine means quality coffee

One thing I look forward to first thing in the morning is a decent coffee! Whether you are a fresh bean connoisseur or a Nespresso aficionado, I’m sure we can all agree that quality coffee is a must in every home and Miele’s range of low maintenance built in and countertop coffee machines are hard to go past.  I am still tossing up if want a countertop machine OR integrated into the Miele appliance ‘Tower’. If I go that way, I’m loving the Cleansteel Fresh Bean Coffee Machine ($4,999AUD)  It’s AromaticSystem technology promises perfect results and an intense coffee flavour.

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