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Virtue Projects’ Dave Klees and the build time for Deb’s house


Prior to her renovation, Deb had the opportunity to rent her neighbour’s house for the duration of the renovation. She asks her builder, Dave Klee’s, co-owner of Virtue Projects, whether having a client live so close to their own project is ‘a bit of a nightmare’?

Dave admits that there may be some builders who wouldn’t like it, but he thinks it is handy for a client to see the progress their builders make every day. If there is nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be a problem, and if there is a decision to be made, the client is nearby for a quick answer, which means less delay.

Deb asks Dave the million dollar question every client wants to know, how long is my project going to take? Dave’s construction timeline is to have Deb back into her house by mid-2019.

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* In building jargon, ETC means Estimated Time of Completion

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