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Episode 24 – Deb’s video blog update on building progress, OSDs and cement slabs.


Building is in full swing at Deborah’s dream home. There is new excitement daily as materials and framework start to arrive.

In this update, Deb talks about the progress made over Christmas, an unexpected expense and how she is dealing with rising damp issues from the old house.

Deb says she’s had a fantastic Christmas break and a staycation in her own suburb.

The build has been progressing well over the last couple of weeks but the project hit a bit of a snag when the council required Deb to install an “OSD (off-site detention) tank”

“I’ve had to have an OSD tank, that’s an off-site detention tank. When we have these massive storms,  the storm water system in the area can’t take it, can’t handle the volume (of water) so what they (council) are asking people who are doing a renovation or a rebuild, is that they have an OSD tank on the property.

“So the water comes off the roof and into the tank and then slowly releases into the storm water system. I don’t have much room around site so I had to build a concrete tank, looked like a swimming pool and what I did… was take up the floor of what would be the TV room and build a slab, besser bricks and a top and now I have a entire 6,500 litre holding tank for water which sits under the TV room floor.

“It was a cost I didn’t see coming but there was no way around it.”

All the floorboards were replaced in the process and the builders are now installing FC sheeting (Fibre Cement Sheeting) . Deb has discovered a new Scyon product which is water resistent and will help her with the rising damp issues she had with the house.

Below is a time-lapse video of progress over the last couple of weeks.


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  1. Kay

    January 31, 2018 at 9:11 am

    Gosh Deb I can feel your excitement, you are very lucky that everything is going well and you have remained looking very relaxed………

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