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Gas versus induction: Choosing a solution that’s right for you


When designing a kitchen, it’s important to think about its main functions, and the available space you have to complement your cooking style. Ascertaining how you use your kitchen is essential to purchasing the appliances that are right for you – ensuring you get the best out of your investment.

Miele offers a versatile range and solution for all styles of cooks, covering gas, induction and HiLight cooktop options. For the entertainer that prefers cooking with gas, the Miele gas cooktop highlights include a large variety of burner sizes for every application, from the small simmer burners for slow and gentle cooking, through to powerful wok burners for large quantities of food and rapid boiling. This provides the right power for every situation.

Miele’s gas cooktop range is priced between $999 and $3,299. As Miele cooking appliances are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ average usage, customers can be assured that every appliance provides unmatched quality and performance.

For a more modest budget and basic purposes, Miele’s KM 2012 G gas cooktop with a mono wok burner is available in a minimalist stainless steel design. This appliance features simple operation via dial controls and high quality enamelled cast-iron pot rests – making it robust and durable, a visible sign of first-class quality.

Investing in the right induction cooktop enables you to empower your lifestyle by utilising innovative technology, designed to make the most of your cooking. Miele’s KM 6388 induction cooktop with sensor touch electronic controls guarantee the best possible cooking and user convenience, available in maximum width. TwinBooster technology accelerates the cooking process, with up to 7,400 watts of power. Versatile and fast, this cooktop includes 5 cooking zones, as well as 2 PowerFlex zones, to heat up large cookware easily and quickly. Induction cooktop price range varies from $1,999 to $4,999.

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