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It’s official. I’m allowed to occupy!


In July 2017 Deb took her plans into her local council to submit her development application. She moved out in October 2017 and demolition started. Nine months later, the renovation is complete – an extraordinary feat by her fantastic builders at Virtue Projects. Her Hamptons style dream home is finished, furnished and fabulous.

Deb is excited to have just received the Occupation Certificate which gives ‘approval to use or occupy a building in conjunction with the development consent or a complying development certificate’. Over the next few weeks, Deb will give a room by room tour to see the results of meticulous planning and a million decisions from doors, and decor, to environmental aspects.

In the video below Deb starts with her front foyer area.

“This was originally one of the bedrooms, the main guestroom, but I wanted an entrance-way, so this is what it’s turned out like.”

“It’s really a sense of arrival in the house which then features that beautiful Hamptons style staircase that goes up to the living area upstairs.”

“It’s a really lovely entrance-way. It feels like you’re really arriving in a beach house.”



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  1. Jean

    September 22, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Hi Deb, just love your new home.
    I was just wondering if you will be releasing a book showing all the interesting bits, before and after etc. Styling etc.
    It would be great to be able to learn by your experiences. Browsing through the pages, glass in hand …. dreaming of a Hamptons home, I know I’m a renovating tragic.
    Anyway just a thought.
    Congratulations and May you have many happy and wonderful years in your beautiful home.
    Regards Jean

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