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Pantry work


I’ve begun work on what the kitchen elevations look like and measuring the spaces available to me. The pantry is a really valid consideration in planning the kitchen.

I’m working my way towards a semi walk-in pantry and reading the pros and cons is really interesting and reminds me that it’s one thing drawing in a pantry with the space available but I need it to be as functional as possible.

Main reason of a closed door walk-in for me is appliances need to be hidden, easily accessible and plugged in so I can use it as an extra workspace if need be.

I need a larger pantry more for kitchen items as opposed to food stuffs – I’m big on fresh food and only need pantry stables of oils, spices, tinned tomatoes, quinoas, stocks etc.

I tend to think we gather food items, half packs of pasta etc and if you aren’t conscious of them and lose sight in cupboards, they will expire and just take up space.

For me, a pantry is great for stacking larger items like bowls and platters, easily accessible when they need to be but not at your fingertips.

I’m using Houzz for a bit of inspiration in this regard. Here’s a link to a great article about pantries.

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