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Water on ZIP HydroTap


I’m a big fan of keeping hydrated, making sure I always consume a couple of litres of water a day. Most of us are aware of the benefits and positive effects drinking plenty of water has on our overall health and wellbeing and I love that we’ve become accustomed to carrying our own water bottle with us daily. It’s a great habit to embrace and just makes good sense.

Over the last decade we are also becoming increasingly aware of the wastage and environmental impact that goes alongside our commitment to consuming more water… an avalanche of disused plastic bottles discarded without thought yet we continue to manufacture, import and purchase more glass and more plastic. Thankfully there are some serious measures taking place that will address the crisis but each of us in our own small way can make a difference. How do we change the world? ‘One person at a time’ 😊

Designing and building my dream home was always going to be a massive personal undertaking. Having bought a lovely 1920’s cottage, I could see the potential to create my forever home, in my favourite location. Obviously, there were going to be hundreds of decisions to make but the most important rooms, like the kitchen and living areas needed a lot of forethought. I love to cook and entertain friends at home, so I really had to think about the finer details and what that looked like regarding the layout, fixtures and fittings.

Having a Zip HydroTap installed in the kitchen was number one on my hit list…

Not only could I have chilled, sparkling and boiling water instantly at the touch of a button but I no longer wanted the responsibility of buying bottled water. Not to mention the expense and effort of buying, carrying, and storing boxes of water.

In the kitchen, I had chosen an ‘old English style’ kitchen tap with a beautiful goose neck design in brushed nickel, so I was over the moon when I spotted the Zip HydroTap Arc design which was similar in style and would complement my kitchen tap perfectly.

I was fortunate to have the room for a generous size kitchen with plenty of bench space, so I decided to set up a separate water/tea area and install my Zip HydroTap away from the main island bench. This meant that everyone could help themselves to chilled water or a cup of tea whenever they wanted and weren’t going to be under my feet at the kitchen sink!

I made sure there were draws close by with tea cups, mugs, and different teas on offer as well as a stand with water glasses, lemons and limes close by, so everybody got the hint to help themselves.  I love that area of the kitchen as it feels like its inviting you over to have a drink…it’s a friendly kitchen corner with purpose.

Separately, and on a completely different note, my two-story house has the bedrooms downstairs, and I decided very early on that I wanted to have the option to make a cup of tea and get filtered water without having to go upstairs for it. What would happen if one day I had an operation, or something stopped me from climbing stairs…I wouldn’t have access to either.


So I made the decision to combine the media and guest room into one, and create the perfect guest suite complete with sofa bed, TV, mini bar and a Zip HydroTap. I painted the room a deep-sea blue colour, cabinetry to match and I have to tell you, its turned into one of my favourite rooms because it’s so cosy and everything you need is at your fingertips. You can snuggle down in front of the TV with a hot drink or have chilled filtered water on tap for when guests stay over. And I can refill my water bottle every morning as I run out the door for the gym!

I chose the matte black Arc design that works back perfectly with the other matte black fittings in the room. I also hunted around and managed to find a very cute, stainless steel sink from a marine supplier which I undermount in Caesarstone ‘raw concrete’ and the overall effect is stunning.

I now live with multiple water options around my house. The way they’ve been designed into the rooms and bench tops looks absolutely gorgeous and importantly I never have to purchase water in plastic ever again!

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