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Deborah Hutton is well known to Australian audiences. She has been on our TV screens and in our magazines for more than three decades as a model, host, ambassador, and spokeswoman.

She has done lots of shows in the past on property, homewares and renovation but it’s always been talking about someone else’s project or brand.

In 2016 Deborah bought a 4-bedroom coastal home. To make the house her own, Deborah is planning a significant renovation including moving walls, stairwell and bedrooms.

“I want to turn it into a three bedroom house,” Deborah said. “I want to have a decent size area for my clothes and having a decent laundry is really important.

“I want to enter the house from the front, take out basically the centre of the house which is the stairwell, open it up and open the view up. Half of the roof is an open vaulted ceiling and I love that feel and having that space so I want to try to recreate that out the back.”

Renovation Rookie is a website dedicated to following Deborah’s progress through the highs and lows of renovation.

Each week Deb will be sharing a video diary of her progress and posting interviews with the suppliers and experts she encounters along the way.

Find out more about the renovations Deb is planning by following the links below

Why renovate?

Why this isn’t a do-it-yourself job

The progress so far


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