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Cooktops: Gas or induction?


The first step in Deborah’s home renovation was to figure out where to place the appliances in the kitchen. Still at the Miele Experience Centre, Deb checks out cooktops with the aid of Emily.

Deb wants the biggest possible cooktop Miele has – about 90cm long – to go directly underneath the external bench giving her dimensions of a slightly wider 121cm, nonetheless aesthetically pleasing.

On the subject of induction versus gas, old-fashioned Deb admits to having ever only cooked with gas and finds the ability of turning the fire up and down instantly more appealing, not to forget exuding the industrialised look of a stainless steel hub, also typical of a Hamptons kitchen.

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Gas Cooktops: Always the central point in your kitchen

Cooking with gas conjures up images of cooking over an open fire, which for many people is an emotional experience that feels homely and traditional.

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Miele gas cooktops with electronic controls provide more safety and convenience

Emily suggests, on the other hand, to also take a look at induction stovetops because of the many advantages; fast and very responsive, induction cooktops are super easy to clean, which for someone who cooks a lot is a major bonus. Induction cooktops are efficient and safe with a crystal clear benefit – there is no heat loss with induction. Exclusive to Miele are their PowerFlex and TempControl features that bring intelligent technology, convenience and safety into your kitchen.

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Miele TempControl technology guarantees consistently optimum results

“I want you to convince me that I’m making the right decision, because this is my forever home, and I live in the kitchen. This kitchen means everything to me,” Deb says. “It’s gotta be just perfect.” Perfection is a tough choice.

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  1. Julie

    January 28, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Having just been involved in the same decision making process I chose the gas option. Other points to consider other than those mentioned are durability of the cooktop, and suitability of existing appliances e.g. Pots, pans, and items used less often such as large boilers and Le crueset

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