The Kitchen

Shannon Bennett talks about the importance of a great kitchen


In 2011, acclaimed Australian chef Shannon Bennett undertook the greatest challenge of his life – moving his award winning Vue de monde restaurant to the dramatic new location on the 55th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building.

From the beginning, Shannon’s goal has been to make Vue de monde Australia’s most sustainable restaurant. More than 50 cutting-edge technologies are being utilised, from an E-water system to ‘cold kitchen technology’.

It is undeniable that to Chef Shannon, great food should be made in a great kitchen, using only top-of-the-line appliances to deliver, for instance, the best chicken. For his great food, Chef Shannon is thankful of Miele kitchen appliances, “We sell more Miele kitchen appliances per capita more than any other city, or any other country other than Germany!

“You bought an incredible oven, worth $6,000, now you’ve gotta put an incredible chicken in it!” And well, we know this to be true. It’s up to Miele and their chefs now to not only educate the Miele team, not just to deliver the best chicken, but to tell a story on a plate.

Miele is an iconic global brand in household appliances that began in 1899 – their first product being a wooden tub for mixing air and milk… a butter churner.

Miele Managing Partner Dr. Markus Miele tells us the secret to this success story. “When the first washing machine came onto the market, they labelled it with a brand name, of course, but they also said immer besser – ‘forever better’.”



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