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From bare to benchtops. Watch my kitchen installation at warp speed!


This is a great example of how a space is transformed into a working, liveable part of a home. We certainly didn’t have to edit out any installation glitches in the time lapse video – the installers from Freedom Kitchens were so professional and efficient.  Their attention to detail was fantastic. Take a tiny 0.28 seconds to watch my beautiful kitchen being installed!

Every record of my renovation journey:

 Episode 46 (Part 3) – Upstairs walk-through

Episode 46 (Parts 1 & 2) – A walk through 3 weeks from completion

Episode 45 – A quick update on access to my front threshold

Episode 44 – Downstairs cabinetry update Part 1

Episode 43 – The last stage of completion. What’s left to do?

Episode 42 – My dream kitchen is almost finished!

Episode 41 – Boudoir, bathroom and back yard updates

Episode 40 – My front walkway is taking shape

Episode 39 – Amazing time-lapse of my reno & finished floors

Episode 38 – My stairway to heaven, artwork floor and more

Episode 37 – Upstairs walk-through

Episode 36 – Downstairs walk-through

Episode 35 – Fireplace love

Episode 34 – The rafters and front balustrade

Episode 33 – Rooms are taking shape

Episode 32 – Scaffolding is coming down

Episode 31 – Walking through upstairs

Episode 30 – Tour of the ground floor

Episode 29 – Stage 1 start for my kitchen build

Episode 29 – Lock up in two weeks!

Episode 28 – Windows and doors have arrived

Episode 27 – My new roof and sliding doors moment

Episode 26 – Rising damp and rising dollars!

Episode 25 – Deb’s Video Blog “Beam me up!”

Episode 24 – Deb’s video blog update on building progress, OSDs and cement slabs.

Virtue Projects’ Dave Klees and the ETC for Deb’s house

Building is back in full swing – progress videos 19th Jan

In case you missed it… christening the slab at Xmas

More on my landscaping dilemmas

Keeping my lighting costs down

Landscape design dilemma

One of the biggest things I’ve learned so far

What a difference a week makes! 7 day time-lapse from my Reno Project

Demolition is in full swing

Last of the bathroomware: the powder room

If you can move it, you can take it! The results of my big Gumtree sale

A weary, early morning update

Three weeks to go! Preparing for demolition

The pressure is on for final decisions

I’ve received my build estimate!

Ready for my first kitchen design meeting

My kitchen dream team: Introducing Freedom Kitchens

Dealing with a renovation curve ball and finding a new architect

And now for the fun part… my interior design is taking shape

How I plan to create bathroom bliss

My DA has been approved!!

My builders: Virtue Projects

Kitchen research: Deb’s Video Log

Submitting my DA application to Waverley Council

An update: On being neighbourly

Exciting times! Here is my new render for the house

How I’ve selected my builder

Checking for approval with the neighbours

Close to finding a builder

Meeting with the architect and the landscape artist

This renovation is a process of discovery

The shocking reality of getting a DA approved

The landscape architects

The Development Approval process

The Design Meeting

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